USB Forensic write blocker

USB Forensic write blocker
The smallest and very affordable forensic USB Write-Blocking Device on the market, you can carry this small Write Blocker anywhere to capture and image USB Mass Storage devices, covert and discrete.  This USB WriteBlocker has two ports and one LED and is very easy to use. Simply attach the Device under capture to one end and attach the computer to the other. The LED confirms power to the device and simultaneously confirms that the write-blocking technology is active.

Forensic Ultradock V5 Write blocker
with USB3

Forensic Ultradock V4 write blocker
Forensic UltraDock is our premium Forensic Dock write blocker. With five ports on the host side, native PATA and SATA drive connections, two power options, a recessed on/off switch guard, 8 status LEDs in a strong and rugged aluminium enclosure. On the host side, you've got quad connectivity. Connect to your computer via FireWire 800 (two ports), FireWire 400, USB3 and USB2, or eSATA. Very affordable, and a very versatile Write Blocker.

Forensic Labdock build a forensic PC unit

Forensic labdock
Easily create a Write Blocked Workstation and turn your computer into a digital forensic workstation with the Forensic LabDock. Installed in a standard 5.25" bay the Forensic LabDock gives convenient, forensic access to both suspect IDE or SATA hard drives. The HDDs dock in the actual LabDock saving on cumbersome cabling. Write blocking is done in hardware, with proven WiebeTech write-blocking technology. Forensic LabDock can also incorporate an inbuilt USB WriteBlocker as an optional extra, so you can forensically access flash drives or full size USB enclosures. Built-in HPA/DCO detection is standard with host connectively though a standard SATA Interface direct to your PC or workstation motherboard.  LabDock supports IDE, SATA and or USB in one neat unit.

On demand Forensic HD tower enclosure
A versatile tower hard drive enclosure with two SATA hard drive tray free bays and configured for JBOD operation. On  demand write-protection. Quad Interface for PC/Laptop connectivity eSATA, FireWire 800/400 and USB 2.0.
On-demand Write-Protection is executed by enabling the top-bay or bottom-bay write-protection via switches on the front of the enclosure. You can then read the contents of the drive with no danger of modifying the contents or you can Write Enable these location for drive imaging and Read/Write. The TrayFree bays are a breeze to add a drive to. It really is as easy as opening the door, sliding the drive in, and closing the door. No screws, no trays, it just works.

Portable fully forensic HD Tower enclosure
The Forensic RTX portable provides full write-blocked access for SATA or PATA drives. When you need to analyze evidence or image drives in the lab or field, the Forensic RTX is the solution. This desktop-based storage enclosure allows investigators to examine 3.5" IDE/PATA or SATA drives in easy-to-use write-blocked bays and copy data onto SATA drives. Use the unit in the lab, or carry it with the heavy-duty handle that allows for easy transport.

*1st and 3rd bay are write blocked
*1st bay is either IDE/PATA (410 version) or SATA (411 version)
*3rd bay is SATA
*2nd and 4th (SATA) bays are read/write for captured data
*Wiebetech trusted proprietary write-blocked technology ensures zero writes   back to the Device(s) Under Capture
*Easily swap in new drives for unlimited capacity
*SATA bays are shock absorbing for drive protection.
*Sturdy, all-metal construction

Desktop WriteProtects - Multimodes
The Logicube Desktop Write PROtect™ connects directly to your workstation motherboard  IDE or SATA cable port for your HDD forensic tools data capture or though a USB port, a true multi mode device. The Write PROtect™ adapter also guarantees read-only access when analyzing the captured or cloned drive under Windows. This ensures full drive protection against inadvertent writes by the user or operating system. Furthermore, such write attempt commands are logged on the forensic tools adapter LCD and stored into memory. Units are available only either as IDE/PATA or SATA, please specify when ordering.

Connection Mode 1: Hard drive connects directly to a motherboard using the flat IDE or SATA cables. User will typically boot from the working drive on the primary IDE channel and connect the Desktop WritePROtect (and the drive to be checked) on the secondary channel.
Connection Mode 2: User may safely capture or clone a source drive with any of the Logicube commercial hand-held cloning units that may have bi-directional capability. User places a Desktop WritePROtect device between the cloning unit and the source hard drive. This setup ensures the integrity of the source drive.
Connection Mode 3:
User may connect any IDE or SATA hard drive to a PC using the USB port. No other equipment is necessary for this functionality. The hard drive becomes protected from any inadvertent writes by user or writes from the PCs operating system. This mode is useful in analyzing a drive.
SAS write blocked PCIe card
Our RedPort line of PCIe card adds hard drive write-blocked ports to a Windows or Linux computer workstation. This works much like our Forensic Docks, preventing writes to the drives. But instead of being an external docking device, RedPort is a PCIe card and has to work within a host computer, allowing write-blocked access to enclosures or drives with one of several connection types.
RedPort PCIe cards provide SAS technology hard drives with write blocked access

SAS Hard drive Write Protect 1.5 and 3G PCIe card

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